Migranten(selbst)organisationen MIGRANT (SELF) ORGANIZATIONS (MSOs) are generally understood as associations (1) whose goals and purposes are based essentially on the situation and interests of people with migrant background and (2) whose members for the most part are persons with a migrant background and (3) where an important role in internal structures and processes is played by people with a migration background.

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Afropa e.V.

Afropa e.V. was founded in 2003 by a number of Africans and Germans living in Dresden for fostering African-European understanding. This association consists of more than 50 members originating from 10 nationalities. The aim of the association is to awaken interest in the history, culture and social issues of both continents, and it encourages people of different backgrounds to engage in common activities.

Аdditionаlly to the refugee social work in Dresden, Afropa's current projects are „Strengthening the migrant organization activities in refugee work - samo.fa“ and P@chwork.Dresden - A place of self-organization.

Offers for children and parents

Various projects offer communication and exchange opportunities for each other.

Leisure and cultural offers

Every Thursday Afropa offers an intercultural playgroup as well as further single offers such as the annual children's party.

Cooperation with daycare institutions

Although for now Afropa has no experience of working with daycare organizatios, it is imaginable and desirable, for example: project weeks, individual events and holiday offers can surely be carried out.

A sustainable companionship for daycare programs is possible and can be internally designed into the framework of own projects: major topic Africa, authentically edited and presented by Africans living in Dresden, major topic migration and international culture, major topic culture, music, theater, fairy tales, for example in the format of workshops for children or similar.


Afropa e.V.
Königsbrücker Str. 23, 01099 Dresden
E-mail: hempel@afropa.org
Tel.: +491704788273
Managing Director: Andreas Hempel

Find more about Afropa e.V. here: www.afropa.org

Chinesisch- Deutsches Zentrum e.V.

The Chinese - German Center e.V. was founded in 2004. The association concentrates on fostering and preservation of particular values such as honesty, compassion and tolerance, as well as the traditional Chinese culture and the exchange between the people of China and Germany. The Chinese-German Center offers educational, recreational and cultural activities for children and their parents as well as project days. The association also organizes various festivals (New Year, Lantern Festival).

Offers for children and families

Educational offers

Chinese and calligraphy as first or second language

Leisure activities and cultural offers

Chinese tea ceremony
Chinese Wushu (Kungfu)
Classical Chinese dance for children
Chinese fairy tales
Chinese food using chopsticks
Chinese archery
Folding of Lotus flower

Cooperation with daycare organizations

The Chinese-German Center has already gathered various experiences in collaboration with daycare organisations. These are: organization of tea ceremonies, fairy tale performance and storytelling, cooking and eating Chinese, Chinese archery and lotus flower folding. The Chinese-German Center is open for cooperation with daycare centers in Dresden and surroundings. This means, the association is happy to satisfy various requests, especially those regarding traditional Chinese culture and its integration.


Chinese-German Center e.V.
PO Box 20 27 27 - 01193 Dresden
Tel.: (0351) 4 59 34 63
Fax: (0351) 4 59 34 63
E-Mail: mail@zhongdezhongxin.de
Board: Hongfeng Yang

Find more information about the Chinese-German Center here: www.huadezhongxin.de

Kinder- und Elternzentrum „Kolibri“ e.V.

Family Center “Kolibri” was established in 2009 and has in a short time become an important meeting point for migrants in Dresden. The center has established itself as a competent partner in the promotion and support of intercultural education and multilingual upbringing for many educational institutions (from day care facilities and schools to technical colleges and the Dresden University of Technology).

Another important part of our work is our range of projects with an emphasis on fostering intercultural competence and education in democracy and tolerance. Among others, these projects include a festival for children, summer camps, international youth exchanges, educational trips, but also continuing education for childcare workers and Russian teachers, and seminars for future childcare workers. In the course of our activities, we have established a broad network of cooperation partners from various areas of educational work with children and youngsters.

Educational offers for children and families

Multilingual Parents - Toddler Group,
Musical promotion in different languages,
Language support for preschool children (German, Russian, English, Polish, Lithuanian),

Cooperation with daycare organizations

As for cooperation with daycare institutions, Kolibri has already gathered various experiences. Children and parents center „Kolibri“ has a large selection of projects to offer, such as:
Further education for pedagogical staff on multilingualism and cultural diversity,
Project lessons for children (intercultural fairytale sessions, arts and crafts, musical workshops)


Children and Parents Center „Kolibri“
Ritzenbergstr. 3, 01067 Dresden
Tel.: 0351/2068441
E-Mail: info@kolibri-dresden.de

Find more information about Children and parents center „Kolibri“ here: www.kolibri-dresden.de

Schola ludus e.V.

The Czech-German educational association Schola ludus e.V. is an independent non-profit organization. It was founded in 2005 with the help of volunteer work of Czech parents. Its objectives include, above other, the promotion of bilingualism and multilingualism among children with Czech origin, as well as offers in the sphere of education and culture. The organization contributes to the mutual understanding between Czechs and Germans.

Offers for children and families

Educational offers

For small children (under 5 years old) - a parent-child group „RÁKOSNÍČEK“. Visit this group is supposed to offer the children an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and language development.

Regular class for preschool children (5 years old and older), where preparation for the school is offered. The children improve their knowledge of the Czech language through various exercises, learning poems, songs, etc.

There is a regular class for schoolchildren (starting 6-7 years old) held by Czech teachers. The class offers knowledge in the fields of Czech language and literature, social studies and local history and for older children Czech history and geography.

Leisure and cultural offers

Schola ludus e.V. occasionally organizes trips the Czech Republic and the surroundings, as well as traditional festivals and celebratory events.

Cooperation with daycare institutions

Although Schola Ludus has no experience of working with daycare institutions, this cooperation is imaginable and desirable.


Schola ludus e.V.
Altkaditz 23, 01139 Dresden
Tel.: +49 162 36 99 756
E-Mail: info@scholaludus.org
Board: Martina Moser, Soňa Mejstříková, Petra Sojková

Find more information about Schola ludus here: www.scholaludus.org

ZMO-Jugend e.V.

ZMO-Jugend e. V. (Cooperation with Eastern European Youth) is an officially approved non-profit organization active in providing free youth welfare and aid services. The organization was founded in 1996 by a group of young Russian-German re-settlers with the purpose of helping people to help themselves. The main objective of the organization work is to support young people with immigration background in their social and cultural integration and to promote and maintain their cultural heritage. Also, to enhance intercultural understanding. The work of our organization with children and youngsters is diverse and it includes consulting, work with groups, open and thematic course offers, projects and single events. Our services are available both for migrants as well as for local children and youngsters.

Education and leisure

Literature Workshop „Bookworm“
ZMO-Jugend takes an active part in language acquisition and language development. In the literature workshops children’s imagination is activated through pictures and word games, through which they experience more about the origins of linguistic peculiarities. The aim is to promote both language skills as well as creative experimentation. Through writing their own stories, children can discover how beautiful it is to be able to build their own world and not always simply take to the already created ones. Children also enjoy reading and sharing their own stories. Readings and exhibitions are carried out within the frame of the project.

Discussion groups “At a cup of tea”
The aim of the project is provide a secure atmosphere for discussing the issues that are topical and interesting for parents and adults, while enjoying a cup of tasty tea out of a samovar. The participants also have a chance to exchange their own experiences. The discussion takes place once a month.

TheaterStudio „KonTakt“
Сhildren can show their creativity and expressiveness here. They determine the topic of the play to take part in. From the beginning, they actively participate in the development of the plot and the scenario. From creative point of view, it is all about fulfilling their own ideas, creative use of materials and the variety of ways to express oneself.

Open Studio „The world is getting painted“
Here the children can discover and develop their creative abilities through painting and further creative activities. The classes are promoting endurance, concentration and fine motor skills, as well as stimulating imagination and experimentation. The joint creative work allows the children to learn different artistic techniques as well as intensify child's social skills.

This is an activity for children and young people who enjoy creative work and want to realize their ideas by carving wood and other natural materials. The participants can not only learn together the basics of wood carving, geometric and openwork carving, relief, sculpture and root sculpture from an experienced woodcarver, but also learn from each other. Combining handicraft and carving techniques, they can quickly create small works and realize ideas.

Cooperation with daycare institutions

The organization has an interest of collaboration with daycare institutions. The ZMO-Jugend is also ready to offer parents (including families with a migration background) consultations in the sphere of daycare and would like to act as an intermediary between parents anddaycare facilities.


ZMO Youth e.V.
Kipsdorf street 100, 01277 Dresden
Tel.:+49(351)289 92 76
WhatsApp: +49 (176) 34 37 57 66
Email: zmo-jugend@web.de

Find more information about ZMO - Jugend e.V. here: www.aci-dd.de

Asociación Cultural Iberoamericana e. V.

Association “Cultural Iberoamericana” (Asociación Cultural Iberoamericana) is a non-profit organization that represents Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking people from more than 22 countries from America and Europe that have come to live in Dresden and its surroundings. The association offers a place to meet for people interested in culture, politics, art and history of ibero-american countries.

Education and leisure:

- Spanish history for children
- Spanish for children
- Spanish for beginners and advanced (spoken Spanish)
- Cinema
- Dance class
- Literature workshop with current topics

The association has educational and leisure activities offers for children from 3-4 years old.
In the Iberoamericana they speak Spanish, German and English.

Cooperation with daycare institutions

Asociación Cultural Iberoamericana has no experience in working with kindergartens, but it is imaginable.


Asociación Cultural Iberoamericana e.V.
Bischofsweg 74
01099 Dresden
Email: aci74@hotmail.com

Find more information about Asociación Cultural Iberoamericana here: www.zmo-jugend.de