Daycare centre Finsterwalder Straße 2a

District: Prohlis

Complication: 42 creche children, 51 kindergarten children, 15 integration places

Sponsor: Landeshauptstadt Dresden

From the concept of the day care centre:

The educational specialists work according to the Saxon educational plan, the Reggio-pedagogy and after Loris Malaguzzi concept.
In our day care centre every child and their parents, grandparents and relatives should feel comfortable and accepted. It is very important to work in a democratic and dialogical field, e.g. the participation and listening to the children in their upbringing process.


According to the principles of Reggio pedagogy, the day care centre works with „speaking walls“ ( with photos, children’s drawings) as a form of open
documentation. The „speaking walls“ help to reflect the children’s level of development, show the structure paths of thought and visualise how the
children appropriate the world or make it understandable.


Everyday support for Arabic- speaking children and parents with Camil el Khoury. The cultural mediator helped with everyday communication between the children and actively supported the team in discussions with the parents.
Camil el Khoury approached the children and promotes a successful cooperation. He helps to create multilingual information and some highlights,
such as international reading day.