Kindergarten Leubener Spatzen

District: Leuben

Complication: 25 crèche children, 82 kindergarten children, 12 integration

Owner: Landeshauptstadt Dresden

From the kindergarten concept:

An open kindergarten is a place with the feeling of freedom, large playgrounds and a holistic approach. The created space and the open and attentive approach of the teachers give the children a chance to participate in the daily life with the help of different ways. Children should independently develop their strengths, talents and interests. Growing up should be able to join our society and culture, relying on their own strength and the spirit of
modern society.


In the kindergarten were created special conditions under which children can actively take part in the work process. The children are encouraged individually according to their needs and capabilities. All of children and their parents are actively involved in the kindergarten’s daily work.