Integration day care centre “Haus der Kinder”

District: Pieschen

Complication: 90 kindergarten children, 6 integration places

Owner: Landeshauptstadt Dresden


From the concept of the kindergarten (Konzept der Kita):

In the work of this day care centre, the teaching staff are guided by the pedagogical concept of Reggio (Reggiopädagogik). The kindergarten is a living and experienced place for children, where they have an opportunity to study independently with the support and encouragement of teachers. The main thing in the process of classes are an experience and a joy of doing, but not the result only. So that children have the same chances for  evelopment, the actions of teachers are aimed at encouraging dialogue between them.
One of the important conditions of our work is a respectful and grateful attitude towards families and their children.


Intercultural diversity and individual growth in the kindergarten is reflected through various activities, in which can take part the children of 13 different nationalities. This includes interesting events such as getting to know each other while trying various national dishes, the festivals dedicated to traditional clothing and music. The guests of the kindergarten within development of intercultural interaction were the group “Krokodiltrio” and the August Theater, the Landesbühnen Sachsen.