Chinesisch – Deutsches Zentrum e.V.


The Chinese – German Center e.V. was founded in 2004. The association concentrates on fostering and preservation of particular values such as honesty, compassion and tolerance, as well as the traditional Chinese culture and the exchange between the people of China and Germany. The Chinese-German Center offers educational, recreational and cultural activities for children and their parents as well as project days. The association also organizes various festivals (New Year, Lantern Festival).

Offers for children and families

Educational offers

Chinese and calligraphy as first or second language

Leisure activities and cultural offers

Chinese tea ceremony
Chinese Wushu (Kungfu)
Classical Chinese dance for children
Chinese fairy tales
Chinese food using chopsticks
Chinese archery
Folding of Lotus flower

Cooperation with daycare organizations

The Chinese-German Center has already gathered various experiences in collaboration with daycare organisations. These are: organization of tea ceremonies, fairy tale performance and storytelling, cooking and eating Chinese, Chinese archery and lotus flower folding. The Chinese-German Center is open for cooperation with daycare centers in Dresden and surroundings. This means, the association is happy to satisfy various requests, especially those regarding traditional Chinese culture and its integration.


Chinese-German Center e.V.
PO Box 20 27 27 – 01193 Dresden
Tel.: (0351) 4 59 34 63
Fax: (0351) 4 59 34 63
Board: Hongfeng Yang

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