„Intercultural Education Landscape“ is a networking project for migrant organizations and daycare institutions. Working on integration together!


The growing diversity of today’s society offers new opportunities for closer cooperation between migrant self-organizations (MSO) and children daycare institutions (DC). Globalization and the refugee situation increase the cultural variety in daycare facilities, as well as the necessity of knowledge exchange between the two institutions. Such exchange is crucial for a successful integration of migrant children into the upbringing- and educational landscape of Dresden and surroundings. This collaboration is a very important precondition of building a prejudice-conscious coexistence in our society.


Opening up of migrant organizations and daycare institutions for each other through:

  • Initiating of mutual acquaintance
  • Organization of a professional exchange between the daycare centers and MSO to stimulate the cooperation in the field of integration




Daycare organizations:
getting to know and understand immigrants better

  • Information exchange about upbringing traditions, family culture, educational systems in the countries of origin
  • Facilitated contact with families with a migration background
  • Benefits of supporting services such as translation, volunteer help, event organization, further education
  • Acquisition of educational staff with a migration background
  • More security in dealing with children and families with a migration background

Boosting the participation in the integration process

  • Improving of own potential as immigrant-needs-experts and the use of this potential in upbringing and educational spheres
  • Support in adaptation and optimization of offers with regard to requirements of the Saxon educational system
  • Professionalization and quality development
  • Image improvement
  • Further participation opportunities


Successful structuring of the integration and educational processes through measure coordination for supporting and promoting of children with a migration background in preschool age.


Collaboration between MSOs and daycare institutions for ensuring a successful integration of children into the intercultural educational landscape of Dresden and the surroundings.


Information communication:

  • Internet platform for MSOs, daycare institutions, families and interested parties for information exchange about integration measures, offers from various migration organizations, education system and education plan in Saxony with a focus on pre-school age children
  • Expert conference „Intercultural Education Landscape: MSOs and Daycare in Dialogue“ on 24.11.2017, an event aiming at getting to know each other and exchanging information as well as other substantial input.