Successful organisation of cooperation with parents in an intercultural context – building up intercultural educational landscapes more deeply


thumbnail of Flyer_Ausschreibung_August02-1The project:

In oder to provide effective intercultural cooperation between
parents in Dresden kindergartens, we teach and qualify the teams
of six participating kindergartens to the end of 2021. Our cultural mediators will support this project.

Our vision is to support the educators in their work with migrant parents through different projects focused on advices, practical activities , promotion integration processes and as a result another brick in building an intercultural education landscapes.

Previous projects on the intercultural education landscape have shown that early education in kindergartens requires active partnerships with migrant parents.

One of the most important thing from the IBL project is cooperation between all of members of educational process, especially between educators and parents with migrant parents. Thats why we continue to work with our cultural mediators, improve teacher’s qualifications, work on different pedagogical concepts.

The idea:

Support the kindergartens that try to solve the problem of increasing diversity very actively, and ready to build the concept of work with the parents in intercultural context. Thats why, we are looking for kindergartens which would like to competently and creatively develop different tasks of early

The aims:

  • improving of collaboration and cooperation in educational partnerships;
  • purposefully work with parents;
  • more knowledge about intercultural education work;
  • regular exchange of information on education systems and cultures;
  • fair integration for children and families with migration experience and/ or refugees;


Cooperation with parents and real partnerships are very important in preschool education, but in an intercultural context this is a special topic. We would like to offer you some tips of such work and support in independent and creative search for the approaches to empowerment and sustainable
development. The parents’ requirement and their desire to participate in the IBL were
clearly shown us the appraisement 3:0 in the project evaluation.

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