Afropa e.V. was founded in 2003 by a number of Africans and Germans living in Dresden for fostering African-European understanding. This association consists of more than 50 members originating from 10 nationalities. The aim of the association is to awaken interest in the history, culture and social issues of both continents, and it encourages people of different backgrounds to engage in common activities.

Аdditionаlly to the refugee social work in Dresden, Afropa’s current projects are „Strengthening the migrant organization activities in refugee work – samo.fa“ and P@chwork.Dresden – A place of self-organization.

Offers for children and parents

Various projects offer communication and exchange opportunities for each other.

Leisure and cultural offers

Every Thursday Afropa offers an intercultural playgroup as well as further single offers such as the annual children’s party.

Cooperation with daycare institutions

Although for now Afropa has no experience of working with daycare organizatios, it is imaginable and desirable, for example: project weeks, individual events and holiday offers can surely be carried out.

A sustainable companionship for daycare programs is possible and can be internally designed into the framework of own projects: major topic Africa, authentically edited and presented by Africans living in Dresden, major topic migration and international culture, major topic culture, music, theater, fairy tales, for example in the format of workshops for children or similar.


Afropa e.V.
Königsbrücker Str. 23, 01099 Dresden
Tel.: +491704788273
Managing Director: Andreas Hempel

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