ZMO-Jugend e. V.


ZMO-Jugend e. V. (Cooperation with Eastern European Youth) is an officially approved non-profit organization active in providing free youth welfare and aid services. The organization was founded in 1996 by a group of young Russian-German re-settlers with the purpose of helping people to help themselves. The main objective of the organization work is to support young people with immigration background in their social and cultural integration and to promote and maintain their cultural heritage. Also, to enhance intercultural understanding. The work of our organization with children and youngsters is diverse and it includes consulting, work with groups, open and thematic course offers, projects and single events. Our services are available both for migrants as well as for local children and youngsters.

Education and leisure

Literature Workshop „Bookworm“
ZMO-Jugend takes an active part in language acquisition and language development. In the literature workshops children’s imagination is activated through pictures and word games, through which they experience more about the origins of linguistic peculiarities. The aim is to promote both language skills as well as creative experimentation. Through writing their own stories, children can discover how beautiful it is to be able to build their own world and not always simply take to the already created ones. Children also enjoy reading and sharing their own stories. Readings and exhibitions are carried out within the frame of the project.

Discussion groups “At a cup of tea”
The aim of the project is provide a secure atmosphere for discussing the issues that are topical and interesting for parents and adults, while enjoying a cup of tasty tea out of a samovar. The participants also have a chance to exchange their own experiences. The discussion takes place once a month.

TheaterStudio „KonTakt“
Сhildren can show their creativity and expressiveness here. They determine the topic of the play to take part in. From the beginning, they actively participate in the development of the plot and the scenario. From creative point of view, it is all about fulfilling their own ideas, creative use of materials and the variety of ways to express oneself.

Open Studio „The world is getting painted“
Here the children can discover and develop their creative abilities through painting and further creative activities. The classes are promoting endurance, concentration and fine motor skills, as well as stimulating imagination and experimentation. The joint creative work allows the children to learn different artistic techniques as well as intensify child’s social skills.

This is an activity for children and young people who enjoy creative work and want to realize their ideas by carving wood and other natural materials. The participants can not only learn together the basics of wood carving, geometric and openwork carving, relief, sculpture and root sculpture from an experienced woodcarver, but also learn from each other. Combining handicraft and carving techniques, they can quickly create small works and realize ideas.

Cooperation with daycare institutions

The organization has an interest of collaboration with daycare institutions. The ZMO-Jugend is also ready to offer parents (including families with a migration background) consultations in the sphere of daycare and would like to act as an intermediary between parents anddaycare facilities.


ZMO Youth e.V.
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