Schola ludus e.V.


The Czech-German educational association Schola ludus e.V. is an independent non-profit organization. It was founded in 2005 with the help of volunteer work of Czech parents. Its objectives include, above other, the promotion of bilingualism and multilingualism among children with Czech origin, as well as offers in the sphere of education and culture. The organization contributes to the mutual understanding between Czechs and Germans.

Offers for children and families

Educational offers

For small children (under 5 years old) – a parent-child group „RÁKOSNÍČEK“. Visit this group is supposed to offer the children an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and language development.

Regular class for preschool children (5 years old and older), where preparation for the school is offered. The children improve their knowledge of the Czech language through various exercises, learning poems, songs, etc.

There is a regular class for schoolchildren (starting 6-7 years old) held by Czech teachers. The class offers knowledge in the fields of Czech language and literature, social studies and local history and for older children Czech history and geography.

Leisure and cultural offers

Schola ludus e.V. occasionally organizes trips the Czech Republic and the surroundings, as well as traditional festivals and celebratory events.

Cooperation with daycare institutions

Although Schola Ludus has no experience of working with daycare institutions, this cooperation is imaginable and desirable.


Schola ludus e.V.
Altkaditz 23, 01139 Dresden
Tel.: +49 162 36 99 756
Board: Martina Moser, Soňa Mejstříková, Petra Sojková

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