My name is Ashraf Ayash. I am 23 years old and I come from Syria.

I am studying Social Work / Social Education at the EHS Dresden in the fifth semester now. At the same time I work at the Migration Consulting Centre.
I have received and accepted an offer from the Folk Stage of the Dresden Drama Theatre to organise an FSJ – Kultur (cultural social year). In this way, I wanted to participate in the life of the community and serve others with my strengths and skills.
That´s why, I got my own experience of working with refugees and children before going to college.

Some time ago, the Folk Stage launched the „Monday Café“ project. I am cofounder of this project for the Dresden Drama Theatre. While working there, I was able to find out what makes the integration
successful. I have supported refugees here in Dresden and worked as volunteer for the FSJ.
One part of the „Monday Café“ is a children`s project, that I help to plan, design and implement.
I organise and accompany the children into the „Small House“ of the State Drama Theatre and prepare some events too; hand made with children, studying German a little, and on special days, for example, on Easter, we go out into the parks and show the children the German tradition of looking for Easter eggs.