Kindergarten Children of Alaun
Kindertagesstätte Alaunkids

District: Dresden-Neustadt

Complication: 195 children from 3 years old, 5 integration places

Sponsor: Landeshauptstadt Dresden

From the kindergarten concept:

Children of different cultures, religions and nations have the opportunity to play and develop under the guidance of our teaching team whose is interesting in diversity and in open communication with each other.


„Alaunkids“ kindergarten offers intensive cooperation with parents such as collective trip, conversations, parent group cafes, meetings and etc. We invite you to play and run on our large kindergarten playground and inside you will find many rooms for creativity, movement and installation, complete multi- functional group rooms. Our kindergarten’s relaxation areas, play places and large windows are allowed to use it for various and individual projects.

City of the future with Nazanin Zandi

Over the course of two project weeks, the children built their own
city of future from a lot of pieces of cardboard. They could work independently or in a pair.
Nazanin Zandi has combined all her skills as an architect,
conceptualist and artist for the benefit of our children. She was working with more than 140 children for two weeks.

During parents group cafes work we connected some different
parts of the city together with the help of green places, streets and ways for the opportunity to talk all together about our project.

It was important for all of us that cooperation between children and adults is based on respect and dialog, so that all of children can discover their own reality, e.g. nationalities, cultures, languages, skin colour, preferences and share them. Nazanin Zandi’s mission is to grow up the creative potential of children with all their personal abilities.