Kindergarten “Hand in Hand”

District: Niedersedlitz

Complication: 39 creche children, 63 kindergarten children, 15 integration

Sponsor: Landeshauptstadt Dresden

From the concept: currently under development


The kindergarten takes part in federal programs such as „ Language for kindergartens“ and „ Make children stronger“. According to the project „ Make children stronger“ program the kindergarten has a support from different competence and advice centres. Additional educators and social workers  organise their activities and set tasks based on the needs of the children in the preschool time and of course cooperation with the parents- for example, discussion of education questions or meeting for single mothers.

Cooperation: Building bridges with Ashraf Ayash
The main tasks of cooperation between kindergarten and Ashraf Ayash are: minimising barriers to communication, creating links between teaching team, children and their parents; accompaniment in the phase of getting used to kindergarten; increasing interest in the culture of communication within the educational process.

Together with the others specialist from the federal project „Language for kindergartens“ Ashraf Ayash was available for teaching team, parents and children every two weeks as a cultural mediator.