Kindergarten House of little nature explorers cherry tree – Naturentdeckerhaus Kirschbaum

District: Gruna

Complication: 57 creche children, 65 kindergarten children, 4 integration place

Sponsor: Landeshauptstadt Dresden

From the concept of the kindergarten:

Its a public place whose purpose is to educate all children regardless of ethnicity, gender and physical ability.Here you can find good conditions and a place where children will feel great. Integration places and the implementation of open work are the foundation of our child care centre.


Educational process of children is accompanied and guided with a help of our pedagogical team.
The discovery of nature with all of our senses is a priority in the daily routine. Environmental protection and being close to nature should not be only discussed in some projects, stories or in children’s circles. But should be also lived in reality.
A lot of our toys consist of natural material, free from chemical substances. Natural materials, which children often collect themselves, always will be prefer as an industrially manufactured toys because of intending to encourage research and experimentation.


Elena Stratulat said “Why do I have to buy toys when I can design them myself?“
Many children and their families design ECO toys with the help of special cultural mediator. Elena Stratulat is one of them. She come from Moldova and here tries to introduce its culture through the making of Marzischor and the celebration of the golden autumn. During the event all of its members will be closer to each other in a playful way. Every dolls, pictures , decorations were made from leaves, straw, corn and nuts. It was also a lively exchange with the families in the parent’s cafe.