Kindergarten Tabaluga

District: Johannstadt

Complication: 41 crèche children, 120 kindergarten children, 12 integration places

Sponsor: Malwina e.V.

From the kindergarten concept:

Our team includes: the kindergarten educators, health care educators and social educators, two occupational therapists and two speech therapists. The kindergarten participates in the federal programs such as: Sprachkitas Brücken bauen in frühe Bildung (Building bridges in the early education) with the help of qualified specialist, who was admitted to our team.


Children from twenty different countries and forty percent of migrant and refugee families are characterised the diversity of our district. The  intercultural sensitivity of Arabic and English speaking migrant educators is a treasure, that benefits the children, parents and the team. The  conversations about admission and the development and upbringing of children and also different consultations are accompanied by local  translators. All of important papers and contracts, various information brochures and notices are available in different languages.