The day care facility „Little Globe“

The children in our daycare centre speak 27 different languages. There are the languages of their families and their hearts. With the help of the mother tongue children try to share their feelings and describe their lifestyle, for example: objects, activities, people, etc. All these languages are important to us and we have to show this importance for each child and his or her family in a cultural meaning and identification. Our aims are to take a positive attitude to German language through the native language development. As well as education and pedagogical work through awakening of interest to  their languages and cultures.

In the „Little Globe“
• the language will be heard and felt (songs, sounds, emotions);
• children learn different names of things, animals, activities… from different languages;
• preschool children get to know letters from different ABC;
• using a variety of games, toys, books, CDs in our rooms;

The educational specialists, parents, a speech therapist work together with children. In our four immersion groups, some of the children have an opportunity to take on Russian or English for example to use their bilingualism outside of the family.

Early childhood education comprises the education of children from birth until they start school. Immigrant parents often use daycare services less
than parents who were born here. Some immigrants have problems with the not-always simple sign-up procedure for daycare. That must be changed.
Half of children under the age of 6 in immigrant families speak very little German at home. This poses a special challenge for the childcare workers in
daycares. Children who grow up multilingual have a special potential. It will be much easier for them to learn other languages later. However, with insufficient support, they may not be totally fluent in any language. That is why it is important to support children early and correctly.
In the early 2015, the daycare facility “Little Globe” (Kleiner Globus) was opened by the Ausländerrat Dresden association. The facility has two groups
of children who have grown up multilingual. The daycare workers at the facility are also multilingual. Our daycare centre would like to dedicate itself in particular to promoting cosmopolitanism and multilingualism. The majority of the children (70 percent) are multilingual and have very different cultural backgrounds.
The „Little Globe“ is intended to be a place of respect for children, visitors and relatives. In our work we would like to adapt to the life situations and needs of families and react to current social developments. In our day care centre we look after 162 children divided into ten ageindependent groups. We work in a special pedagogical way and have 8 integration children and 35 refugee children with difficult experiences and their own life stories. The children in our day care centre come from different countries, belong to different religions and speak different languages. The native languages are  heir hearts of their families. With them they share their feelings and emotions. All of these different languages are very important and
can be found in our day care centre, so that every child or family have not to experience a devaluation of their own mother tongue and their own  cultural identity.
Depending on their level of development, thought and action skills, all children learn to communicate with us, play, speak and research. The world of
children includes children with or without disabilities, with or without a migration backgrounds, children with different skills, culture and religion.We
would like to take care of all children and support them in our every day educational work.
Arabic, Chechen, Azerbaijan, German, English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Kurdish are spoken in our day care centre. We also have ten pedagogical colleagues who help us as a cultural and language mediators. These available resources help us in a work without any problems and give
the parents an appreciative sense of trust.

Kita „Kleiner Globus“ Dresden
Uhlandstraße 34
01069 Dresden