Dr. Christiane Hofbauer


Foto: Cynthia Matuszewski

Parental cooperation, especially in intercultural context, must include the following points in oder to be successful:

  • The realisation that everything should not be the way I interpret it for myself
  • Confidential relationships
  • Asking questions about things that might confuse or interested me




  • Linguistics PhD
  • Research and teaching in the field of one and several languages
  • Specialist in the federal day care centre program „Sprach-Kitas“
  • Freelance teacher for educational refresher courses


Focus of work


  • Since 2015 Accompaniment work in a day care centre during its way to an intercultural kindergarten;
  • 2015 bis 2018 Freelance teacher / practical assistant in the research project „ Multilingualism in kindergarten“ ( MiKi) at the University of Eichstätt, in which, in addition to multilingualism was discussed such topics like primarily, culturally oriented educational partnerships and
    prejudice education;
  • 2016 und 2017 management of the project „ Experienced books: different people, different languages“ for the Saxon Ministry of Culture, in which is a combination of books with pictures for early education and cultural and intercultural aspects of education;




  • Books author: „Refugee children in the kindergarten“, Herder-Verlag, 2016
  • Books author: „Languages and cultures in kindergarten“, Herder-Verlag, 2018




E-mail: hofbauer@inskom.de