My name is Elena Stratulat. I am 38 years old and I am from the Republic Moldova. I studied economics at the Academy of Economic Sciences of the Republic of Moldova. I am a Master of Economics and have worked as an economics lecturer for 12 years at the Centre of advanced Technology in Computer Science and Information Technology. I am married and have two children: a son and a daughter.
I have been living in Germany for two years. My native language is Romanian.
I also speak Russian and German. My hobbies are travelling and sewing.
I have attended an adaption course for graduates of foreign universities with specialities in social work and early education at EHS Dresden. Now I am a cultural mediator within the confines of the project on work with migration organisation and preschool institutions. My suggestion is to make toys with children from eco-friendly materials.

work’s aims:
• Conversations with children and parents about advantages and disadvantages of eco-toys compared to classic toys;
• Preparing different materials with children;
• Making toys with their hands;
• Creation of special toys for different national and international holidays such as Martischor, Christmas, etc.; explanation of their meaning