Day care centre Children’s world(s) – Kinderwelt(en)

District: Striesen

Complication: 74 creche children, 124 kindergarten children, 4 integration places

Sponsor: Landeshauptstadt Dresden

From the concept:

„Children need a community in which they feel comfortable, role models they can be guided by and interesting tasks for which they can grow up.“ Gerald Hüther.
Self-education of children is important in our kindergarten.
The child’s main activity is play. The children are in dialog with each other and with the
teaching team. Working together with the families is very important for successful work.


The day care centre Kinderwelt(en) has been reopened in 2015 as an integration day care centre by a social pedagogues and a language specialists in the federal language programs.

Cooperation: „Different equals“ – growing up as a citizen of the world with Alessandra Zappalá.
Interesting cooperation through communication and plays with Alessandra Zappalá: „ In this project I had the opportunity to discover the world with my little citizens and to show them the distinction between different cultures.“
With the help of the Italian – speaking doll Gaia, the cultural mediator motivated the children for public play. The following weekly meetings provided
the framework playfully learning about Italian traditions, daily rituals or festivals. „Everything served to strength the universal perception of life inherent in every child.“, this is the way, how the cultural mediator sees herself through the children’s reactions to events: „ Every child carries a meaning of welcome, integration and communication in himself. I want to continue to work to hold on these skills and carry out them into the adult life.“