Day care centre Farbenfroh


District: Leubnitz

Complication: 42 creche children, 110 kindergarten children, 3 integration places

Sponsor: Landeshauptstadt Dresden

From the concept:

The main focus of education activity is the constructive human
vision in our work and child’s right to self- determination.



The day care centre has the name “Moving kindergarten“ and the main idea of our kindergarten is „Movement is a life“. We try to integrate movement into everyday life as an important basis for the healthy development of children.
On the kindergarten area children play and learn from the age of 2 until they start the school.


Cooperation: European trip with Aleksandra Spieß

The journey begins with a suitcase, a globe and a question about countries already known by children. During the trip the children sing international e.g. Polish songs, listen to some interesting stories, speak about European sightseeing and etc. The children were involved in the preparation of the weekly meetings, finding the next journey ( with the finger on the map), recognising where the names of the children come from and how “pierogi“ taste like. The reading day is also very important by the European trip, on which parents read to children in their native language.