Biopolis is located in Johannstadt – a town quarter in Dresden. The facility offers over 110 places. Biopolis kindergarten welcomes families from all over the world, from Australia to India. Over a third of children grow up multilingual.

Biopolis is a meeting point with society in all its diversity. Here children encounter numerous key experiences and meet with self-evident aspects in social interaction and a special form of appreciation.

Intercultural work

with children:
„Every child is welcome, every child is needed, and every child can contribute something different and meaningful to the common action. Every child is special, thinks and learns differently and has different requirements. We see this wonderful diversity as an opportunity and a great resource.“ – Biopolis kindergarten.
In the context of intercultural work, it is important for Biopolis that the team promotes the children’s self-determination in their linguistic and cultural identity, encouraging children to use their first language and to understand their multilingualism as a resource for the daycare team. All children in the facility actively gain experience in various languages, experience and learn other cultures.
„We succeed to make different unknown places outside the facility available for kids through excursions and exploration. We also offer reading sessions, which connect and visualize different languages with the help of movement, singing, dancing, pictures and objects. We run projects where we greet each other, count and play games in different languages. We also celebrate national festivals of many foreign countries (e.g. Baba Marta, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc.)“ – Biopolis kindergarten.
The multilingual pedagogues use their first language and convey it to the children in a very natural way using dialogues, games, songs and activities, as well as reading out loud and talking to children.

with parents:
Biopolis is very happy to involve the parents in the everyday issues of the facility and to invite them to take part in joint activities, excursions and festivals. Parent evenings are offered in German and English. Biopolis offers community interpreter service for parents when needed. The daycare team is happy to help families to get in touch with other families and provides help by advice and networking needs.


KITA Biopolis,
Pfotenhauerstraße 38
01307 Dresden
Tel.: 0351 2104433
Contact person: Jana Helfsgott-Kippe, social pedagogue, systemic family therapist
Contact person for intercultural work: Kieron Cook, social pedagogue

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