Every daycare facility has a sponsor, who carries the overall responsibility for the staff, the premises and the legal consistency.

Free sponsors

  • Church (Protestant or Catholic). The pedagogical concept is based mostly on Christian values.
  • Social services such as labor unions, religious associations, welfare organizations that base their actions on religious, humanitarian or political views.
  • Parent-run daycare facilities with a special pedagogical concept (e.g.. Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio etc.).
    Due to the self-managing nature of such initiatives there often arise extra-tasks and extra-cost for the parents.

Public sponsors

These are facilities run by the city or the district.
They are supervised and managed by officials.
The educational concept of such daycare organizations is not predetermined by the sponsor and therefore can vary greatly from one facility to another.

Private sponsors

These often charge large fees, which are justified by needs-based opening hours, better conditions (e.g. smaller groups) and special offers (e.g. bilingual staff).

Company-based daycare facilities

Companies often view daycare as a social benefit for their employees.
Thus company-based daycare facilities are relatively inexpensive.
There is hardly any effect of the sponsor on the pedagogical concept of such facilities; although some companies set a focus, e.g. on science and technology.

Despite of different concepts and pedagogical focuses, the foundation of the pedagogical work in a daycare facility is the Saxon Education Plan.