Childcare is the supervision of one or more children for a period of time by a person other than the parent or legal guardian.
Childcare in a daycare facility or by a daycare nanny is provided by trained staff.

Daycare facilities

Daycare facilities are represented by cribs, kindergartens und nurseries. The German notion for daycare facility is Kita.

  • Crib: Crib is specified as a facility that cater for infants and toddlers from 3 months up to 3 years old, half day or full day.
  • Kindergarten: Kindergarten is specified as a facility that cater for children aged between 3 and 6 / 7 years old (until school entry), half day or full day.
  • After-school care: After-school facilities cater for school-age children (up to fourth grade), half day or full day.

Daytime childcare

Daytime childcare implies upbringing, educating and catering children under 3 years of age by a daycare nanny.

  • Daycare nanny caters children outside their parents’/legal guardians’ household, either the whole day of particular part of the day.

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